Transition Advantage helps young adults ages 18-21 who require assistance and support while pursuing transition goals. It is a community-based program assisting in employment and independent living skills through the Individual Education Plan team process.
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Project SEARCH is a unique business-led transition program for students with disabilities. It provides students who want to work a chance to explore careers and develop transferable job skills. The ultimate goal: independent adults working in a competitive environment.

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South Dakota Health Edventure is a comprehensive curriculum-based health website for K-12 students and teachers and parents. Access is provided free of charge to South Dakota residents. Check out this resource that has 350 lesson plans, games and activities for your classroom. An online fitness centers allow you and your students to set and maintain goals for nutrition and exercise. Teaching tools, strategies, rubrics and templates are also provided.
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East Dakota's Career Link Coordinator can connect your students with businesses, non-profit organizations, universities and government agencies that are willing and eager to provide a window into the future for students seeking career guidance.  Opportunities are also available for teachers to receive professional development via an externship program that connects them with business representatives

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